Light Language with Yeong Kit

Starseed, Wayshower, Galactic Shaman
Supporting Starseeds through Presence and Light Language

16 April 2023

Transmissions of Compassion with Quan Yin (Zoom)

In this workshop, I will be calling in the energies of Quan Yin, to help us remember the compassion within our hearts. We will ask for Quan Yin's support to help us let go of outdated belief systems about love and compassion and to forgive others and ourselves.

25 April 2023

Cosmic Shamanic Sound Healing with Yeong Kit and Adelynn Shan

Cosmic shamanic sound healing in sacred space uses music, light language & singing to shift energy, raise vibrations & bring inner peace.

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My Story

I love seeing the glow on my client’s faces and the feelings of peace after a session or workshop. I am grateful for this gift of divine connection with the Universe and my sensitivity to energy and intuition. However the journey has not been an easy one, especially during my early years.I have always been intuitive and sensitive to energy since young. Crowded spaces like shopping malls always gave me a headache and the over-sensitivity of my nervous system resulted in a skin condition called eczema since I was one year old.Growing up with eczema since I was a baby gave me a sense of shame, self-judgment and insecurity while growing up. I felt a need to hide myself and was uncomfortable around people while at the same time, craving for deep connection with others. However, I never lost hope and was always learning new things, and working on myself and did my best to keep a positive outlook in life. It wasn’t always easy, especially during my teenage years, but the journey towards healing led me to explore and learn more about life beyond what is considered “normal” and open me up to some of my innate gifts.Not knowing what to do in life, I spent the first quarter of my life working first as an auditor and then as a financial trader in the US Stock market for 12 years. Due to the time-zone difference, I was working from 9pm till 4 in the morning daily. After 12 years in the financial world, my body was exhausted and I was feeling empty inside. My soul had been calling me in a different direction, to be of greater service to humanity for many years, yet part of me was terrified and resistant to change, choosing to remain in my comfort zone.Finally in 2019, my body and mind reached its breaking point and I decided to take the leap of faith to follow my soul calling. It was the scariest, yet the most liberating decision of my life. Today I am feeling much happier and fulfilled, being a spiritual and intuitive guide for others, and holding space for transformation to occur, using all my experiences and the skills I have picked up during my healing journey.

How my journey with Light Language began

Introduction to Light Language

Light language transmission 4 Jul 2021 - Connecting with the Sirians